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Exclusive Import and Sales Rights for Italian Brand, Mauro Grifoni

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji, President & CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) announced today that it has acquired the exclusive rights to import and sell the prominent Italian designer brand Mauro Grifoni and its casual line M.Grifoni in the Japanese market. ITOCHU will sell the brands through the CORONET CORPORATION (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Shigeaki Chiba, President; hereinafter “Coronet”), commencing with the 2014 autumn-winter main collection.

The fashion label Mauro Grifoni was established in 1992 by textile designer Mauro Grifoni, with the brand’s cofounder Ilaria Sesso, under the concept of "creating what we want to wear." They started in a small factory for producing shirts, where they designed and handmade high-quality, finished clothing with artigianato (artisanal handicraft) craftsmanship. They aim to create unique and sophisticated collections that stay distinguished from trends in the mass market.

In 1997 a women’s collection was launched, followed in 2001 by M.Grifoni, a casual denim line, and in 2002 by accessories. In the same year, a flagship store was opened in Verona, and then in the Italian cities of Padua, Brescia, Bergamo and Treviso in sequence. In 2009, a flagship store that also contains a showroom, both accommodated in a 300 m2, three-story building with design supervised by Mauro Grifoni himself, was opened in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital and the brand established its secure position as a fashion house. It has been launching its collections in numerous countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France.

In the Japanese market, the brands will target women in their 30s who have their own fashion style, and mature men who prefer sophisticated style that is based on classic style unaffected by fashion trends combined with a hint of current fashion. Combined retail sales of 1.5 billion yen in four years’ time are aimed at for the brands through promotion focusing on select stores and raising brand awareness through the opening of sales sections on import floors in department stores and tie-ups with influential specialty stores.

*Schedule of exhibitions to be held by Coronet
M.Grifoni – Osaka, February 12-14
Mauro Grifoni – Tokyo, February 25-28; Osaka. March 11-14

M.Grifoni and Mauro Grifoni – Osaka, February 12-14; Tokyo. February 18-21

Retail Sales Price Range for Main Items (planned)

Mauro Grifoni – Women's
Coats 90,000-160,000 yen
Jackets 70,000-100,000 yen
Tops 20,000-40,000 yen
Dresses 50,000-80,000 yen
Skirts 20,000-40,000 yen
Pants 20,000-40,000 yen

Mauro Grifoni – Men's
Coats 80,000-160,000 yen
Jackets 80,000-130,000 yen
Suits 90,000-170,000 yen
Sweaters 30,000-90,000 yen
Shirts 20,000-50,000 yen
Pants 30,000-60,000 yen

M.Grifoni – Women's and Men's
Coats 70,000-110,000 yen
Jackets 60,000-110,000 yen
Sweaters 20,000-50,000 yen
Shirts 20,000-40,000 yen
Pants 20,000-60,000 yen

Mauro Grifoni 2014 Men’s Spring-Summer Collection
Mauro Grifoni 2014 Women’s Spring-Summer Collection
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